selected peer-reviewed publications

Biotic dissolution of autunite under anaerobic conditions: effect of bicarbonates and Shewanella oneidensis MR1 microbial activity

Anagnostopoulos VA, Katsenovich Y. Lee B., Lee H. 

Environmental Geochemistry and Health In press. (2019)

Coordination of Sm(III) and Am(III) to the 1,3,5-Tris-(4-(iso-propyl)phenylsulfamoylmethyl)benzene Ligand: An Experimental and Theoretical Study 

Morozov AN, Govor EV, Anagnostopoulos VA, Kavallieratos K, Mebel AM. 

Molecular Physics 116 (19-20), 2719-2727, (2018)

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Study of unrefined humate solutions as a potential remediation method for groundwater contamination from U(VI)

Gonzalez-Raymat H, Anagnostopoulos VA, Katsenovich Y, Denham M. 

Journal of Environmental Management 212, 210-218, (2018)

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Sodium silicate treatment for the attenuation of U(VI) in acidic groundwater plumes

Anagnostopoulos VA, Katsenovich Y, Denham M 

Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, 92(8), 1919-1927, (2017)

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A review for chromium removal by carbon nanotubes

Anastopoulos I, Anagnostopoulos VA, Bhatnagar A, Mitropoulos CA, Kyzas GZ 

Chemistry and Ecology 33 (6), 1-17, (2017) 

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