NEWS & Awards


2019 Southeast ACS Meeting

 Dr. Anagnostopoulos organized and chaired the symposium "Advancements in Environmental Chemistry" at the 2019 SERMACS. Invited speakers included academic professors (UGA, Georgia Tech, USC), as well as scientists from DOE's National Labs (SRNL). 


NRC Faculty Development Award

Dr. Anagnostopoulos received the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Faculty Development Award ($610K, 3 years) in order to develop the Radiochemistry program at UCF.


ACS Undergraduate Award in Environmental Chemistry

Jordan received the ACS Undergraduate Research Award in Environmental Chemistry for his studies on environmental stability of technetium sulfides. This is one of the twenty awards given out by ACS annually. Congratulations Jordan!


Florida ACS Meeting

  Dr. Anagnostopoulos was the invited speaker at the Environmental Chemistry Symposium at the 2019 Florida ACS Meeting. His lecture was on the environmental stability of technetium sulfides, as a potential remediation strategy for Tc-99.   

social activities

Friday night Topgolf !


Our group had a great time at Orlando Topgolf range! Grabbed a bite, shot some balls and definitely laughed a lot. Team Morgan (Morgan, Jordan ,Ilana) won! At least this time...

Celebrating Birthdays !


 Fun night out with the group celebrating Dr. Anagnostopoulos' and Jordan's birthdays, which are just a couple days apart! Korean barbecue and cookies cake!